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How to Recover from a Half Marathon

The most critical element to half marathon success is recovery.
Without recovery, all your hard workouts simply wear you down and don’t allow your body to adapt to the stimuli of hard workouts and miles on your feet.

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11 Tips For Running in Cold

11 Tips For Running In Cold Weather

Running in winter can be just as fulfilling as any other season, and researchers say that running in cold weather actually has more health benefits. Check out these tips to be prepared for race day!

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5 Fabulous Reasons to Run a 5k

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say “I ran a race, but it was just a 5K .”

Just a 5K? I mean come on! It’s 3.1 miles! Most Americans CAN’T walk, let alone run a full 5K….so doing that is a huge accomplishment.

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What I Learned From Running My First 5K

I did it. I woke up early, drove through the darkness to Austin’s downtown marathon course, met a bunch of like-minded crazies and ran up and down the drizzle-soaked streets for 3.1 miles. I received a surprisingly hearty medal for my efforts — and a meaningful feeling of accomplishment. I also learned a few things you might find useful.

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